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‍We are the ones who build and develop the organization. We help you improve in the field of broad concept design, business and 360 feedback culture.

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Founder & CEO

Kasia Szczesna

W mojej pracy łączę dwunastoletnie doświadczenie w projektowaniu, pasję do technologii, zainteresowanie ekonomią behawioralną oraz współpracę z sektorem biznesowym.
Projektuję produkty i usługi, które skupiają się na doświadczeniach klientów i pracowników, przykładając szczególną uwagę do ich zachowań i etyki w kontekście sztucznej inteligencji. Tworzę środowiska rozwojowe i wyboru, opierając się na procesach decyzyjnych.


Justyna Kazmierczak

I am fascinated by a variety of areas related to design — from shaping aesthetics and functionality to the use of modern technologies and education. My strength lies in the ability to repair and improve processes, products and services. I see in design the potential to create real change, help and transform the world around us into a better place.

Our Mentors

They talk about us

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I highly recommend Design Mentorship!

My mentor and I discussed topics related to the challenges I faced at work. His experience proved invaluable for a good understanding of the process and the impact of my actions on the course of work. In addition, as part of the program, I was able to consult with a specialist in the field of recruitment, which translated into further development of my career and change of job.

Photo by Mentee Anna Kolota

Anna Kolota

UX Designer/Researcher

I will recommend and recommend constantly!

The most valuable thing you can give to another person is time, knowledge and inspiration. In my opinion, this is the best definition of a Design Mentorship program. Organization of the program and constantly developing offer. Effectively and pleasantly cooperates with everyone in this program.

Photo of Mentor Martyna Tarnawska

Martyna Tarnawska

DM Mentor

I am very pleased

I am very happy with the DM, especially with the mentor who I had a great time working with. I learned a lot from going through the design process under her watchful eye. Weekly meetings with experts were of great value. I see DM growing and I'm happy to be a part of this community.

Photo by Mentee Alexandra Wajs

Alexandra Weiss

UX Researcher/ Designer

I found my first job!

Design Mentorship helped me organize my knowledge and create a large network of valuable contacts. Right after starting the program, I found my first dream job 👌

Photo by Mentee Kacpr Żebrowski

Kacper Zebrowski

Mentee, UX/UI Designer

I changed my profession

Participation in the program was an important step for me in the process of changing my career path. He helped organize knowledge, assess his competence and meet many valuable people from the DM community.

Photo by Mentee Magda Kaziuk

Magda Kazyuk

UX Researcher

I am just starting an internship at the company

Without mentoring I would not have enough confidence and enthusiasm for action. Anyone who has been looking for a job in a new environment for a long time probably understands me. Fortunately, Michael and the girls have proven themselves great as warm-up trainers for the fight!

Photo by Mentee Patrycja Czaplińska

Patrycja Czaplinska

UX/UI Designer

I started as a Mentee

I started my adventure with as a Mentee. Currently I am a Mentor myself, I run my own agency and I make my dreams come true. I recommend DM with all my heart 💜

Photo of Mentor Szymon Kordylewicz

Szymon Kordylewicz

Brand Designer, Mentor

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