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Tell us what stage of your career you are in, what your needs, problems, goals or expectations are. Include what you think is relevant and helpful to us.
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The course of recruitment


Let's get to know each other

Once you have completed the form, we will meet to discuss your needs and plans to prepare a personalized mentoring proposal for you. We will try to recommend the appropriate package and additional services suitable for you*.

*We will not tell you all the nuances in one meeting, so you will receive detailed information on all elements of the program by email.


Read the rules and pay the entrance fee

After the conversation, you will receive a link to the terms and conditions and the entry fee (PLN 200) ** by e-mail. At the time of completing the formalities, we prepare for you a Mentor or ready to cooperate.

**If the recruitment is successful and you decide on mentoring, we will deduct the 200 PLN entry fee from the full amount for the program, so we do not change the final price from the price list.


Meet a Mentor and start mentoring

You will have a conversation with the proposed person (approx. 20-30 min). You will get to know each other, discuss your priorities, needs and directions in which you are going. After receiving feedback from the Mentor's side, we make a decision about cooperation and pass it on to you within 5 days***. If all goes well, you can start!

***In the mentoring process, trust, a sense of security and a good fit are key. It happens that we repeat this stage. We bet on Perfect Match!

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