14 Sep 2023 • 3 min

Benefits and losses, the real face of industry change

Changing from architecture to UX or Product Design can be a difficult challenge, but Justyna shows that it is possible. Mentoring can be a valuable support in this process. If you're thinking of disguising yourself, don't be afraid to take on the challenge. There are many resources that can help you.

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We are all afraid of change

It is natural to be afraid of change. It involves moving away from what we know. We often place more weight on what we can lose than on the benefits we can gain. We try to avoid a situation in which we may later regret our choice or we also continue to invest in something (eg career development) because we have already spent some resources on it, such as time, money or effort, even though the current circumstances indicate that it is unprofitable or irrational to continue. Along the way, we encounter many barriers and cognitive errors: the status quo, drowned costs, aversion to loss. Justyna's story shows that you can be afraid and act. That it does not come alone and we have to look for solutions and people who support us.

“Mentoring has helped me believe in myself and my abilities. Thanks to him, I gained practical skills and experience, as well as developed as a UX designer.” - Justyna Kažmierczak

Don't be left alone on this road

An important aspect in disguise and development is support. We should not close ourselves in 4 walls, all the more so since the profession of a designer is based on communication, understanding and listening. Design focuses on needs and behaviors and we can't learn that alone. One of the key elements is feedback, so we should take care of it during the activities. Thanks to it, we can achieve the intended goal faster, as well as dispel our doubts or discuss different scenarios. We don't always have one solution for the same troubling problem.

If you go through hell, do not stop, go on. Everything ends someday.” — Winston Churchill

Is it better to devote a few years of current work or several decades of future work?

Abandoning the industry, especially in the case of Justyna, was not easy. With success and fulfilled dreams of working in Australia. Often knowing and feeling that we are no longer happy about it and not feeling motivated, we are stuck in a place that we know. We identify with our actions so far and want to be consistent. For Justyna, architecture was the perfect combination of artistic, design and technical themes. However, as he admits, the path through architectural studies was bumpy, and the job market in Poland for architects is not gracious.

Therefore, she decided to look for a place that is close to architecture. She noticed a greater profit if she took care of future years in an interesting profession for her, leaving behind several years in architecture. However, it is worth emphasizing that this was not a waste of time. Many competencies from this profession, she could take with her on a further design journey.

The transition from architecture to UX design was not easy, but with determination, passion and mentoring support, Justyna found her place in the world of technology. Her story is an inspiration to all who are thinking about changing direction in their career.

If you feel that you need a change in your career, remember that it is never too late to learn something new and follow your passion. Seek support, be open to new experiences and strive to realize your dreams.

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